These rules are specifically for the forum and are subject to change at anytime. For rules on other platforms, please visit the documents page.
━   Showing any form of disrespect towards other members.
━   Making any type of racist remark or reference within any of the text channels no matter what race you are.
━   Communicating with members in a rude or generally hostile manner and/or arguing with them.
━   Any type of advertisement that consists of un-approved links, IP-addresses, URLs, and/or other unwanted material.
━   Discriminating towards groups such as religion, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc.
━   Continuing unwanted behaviour towards a specific player after being asked to stop.
Illegal Activity
━   Any type of participation in illegal activity under United States jurisdiction.
━   Attempting to project yourself as someone you're not.
Malicious Threats
━   Making any type of serious threat towards anything.
Self Inflicted Injury or Suicidal Encouragement
━   Encouraging any member to injure them self or commit suicide.
Unapproved References
━   Any type of leak of personal information.
Unapproved Transactions [Scamming]
━   Attempting to compromise another member's account or make real life currency transactions with another member.