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Very chill of you.
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Hello everyone, firstly I would like to say I hope you're having a fantastic day! Secondly, I would like to announce our official release. This post is two days later of the actual release (sorry about that). We currently have clutch open to everyone, and we are working our hardest to give you new events and items. We are currently working on another gamemode that we believe the community will love. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or concerns please feel free to shoot me a message on here or on discord Dev#1126. I hope everyone has a fun time on the server!Sincerely, Polaris Management.
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I would like to thank jjflip and his friends for this amazing hub!  We can't thank them enough for the time and energy they put into this build.  
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I would like to say welcome everyone to our forums! If you have any suggestions please let us know!
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