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Survival Releasing Today

Hello ladies and gentlemen we hope you're doing well. Today, with much anticipation we're excited to announce; Polaris Network Survival is releasing at 12pm EST (midday). Prepare for an adventure out of this world! Join now @

Features » Grief prevention and claiming.

» PvP arena, to 1v1 your friends... or foes.

» Events, such as 100 players fight in 1 chunk.

» Default "Vanilla" Minecraft Gameplay.

» Custom achievements with fantastic rewards!

» Large and friendly community.

» Non-Pay2Win server.

» Custom MMO experience and plugin.

» VienMiner enabled, for a better mining experience.

» Home teleportation, with bonuses for donors.

» Player to player teleportation.

» AntiCheat to stop X-Ray and other cheaters.

» Highly customizable experience with various settings options.



11am EST » Survival will be opened for players to join, however, only spawn. 12pm EST

» Survival will be released fully. 2pm EST

» 100 Players in 1 chunk event being run by @[Media] callmehSpear



A live countdown until release can be found below.



Server »

Discord »

Website »

Store »



Due to the release, we're looking for all new testers, media, builders, and most importantly trainees. If you believe you can make a positive impact on the Polaris community, and consistently display various demanded traits we strongly encourage you to apply.

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